Film is Not Dead – (FIND Chicago)

Let’s start by saying I am not easily impressed, and not too many things give me the WOW factor,  but one such moment was at the Film Is Not Dead (FIND) workshop in Chicago this past July.   I don’t say this lightly because I havesuper high expectations of everything; sometimes unrealistically high, but I guess that’s what always pushes me to be better.

If you are a photographer or just someone that loves photography, I could not recommend taking this workshop enough.  If you spend a little time on any social networking site with Jonathan Canlas, you’ll realize he does not believe in secrets and openly shares all his knowledge.  What you won’t realize is that he’s an amazing instructor and even more awesome person.

I remember when I first arrived Jon asked me what I was hoping to get out of his workshop, and to be honest I think I told him I wanted to get more clients and get better at photography.  Looking back this wasn a very general answer.  After taking the workshop, I think my answer would be why I shoot and continue to shoot and I want to continue to develop my voice.

Three days of being fully immersed and surrounded by talented photographers is extremely humbling and motivating.   I picked up tips.  Shared tips.  Laughed.  Joked.  Took photos.  It was great to see how other photographers interacted with the subject,  but also loved sitting with them after shooting to discuss the technical aspects of post processing and general workflow.  I was also reminded to make time for more personal work to work on my voice and to try new things that will continue to push me.   But most importantly, I made some great friends that will continue to push me to improve as a photographer.  Not to mention it was crazy fun and sometimes downright silly.  (I typically bring the silly.)

Walking away from the workshop I realized why I came.  I discovered why I shoot and why I continue to shoot.  My voice is much clearer on what my photography says about me and what I’m trying to say through my photos.  I remembered that I fell in love with photography because I love the world around me.  I want to capture all the motion attached to the smallest of moments, and find beauty in the things often overlooked.  The technical improvements were just an added bonus to all this.  I love the workshopees I met and made some life long friends.   I’m one lucky guy to have such great people continue to touch my life.  Special thanks to Jon Canlas, Catherine Abegg, and Albert Roig for being awesome … and the rest of the FINDers too.  🙂

I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned in all my work moving forward. I could not be happier for my future personal work and clients.  Pictures are some of the amazing photographers attending FIND, and the shenanigans we got into.

Chicago, IL



  1. I want to go so bad…. Thanks for sharing. I get goosebumps just reading reviews on this workshop… I hope 2013 will be generous enough with me to allow me this. We’ll see… Thank you! <3

  2. You’re wonderful—at writing, at capturing moments and expressions, and at life. So glad I met you, and excited to see how your work blossoms post-FIND!

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