My Mom & Sister

I visited my mom and sister’s family this past July for my mom’s 65th birthday.  Despite shooting for nearly 5 years, I have no photos of my family, but that will change this year.  My family really are not big into photos, but at this point it’s not about what they want, it’s about what I want.  They’ll thank me later.  This set is the most meaningful photos I’ve taken for myself.   Now one sibling down, two to go.

If you haven’t had family photos in a while please take some, whether it’s with your smartphone or a professional photo session.

Birmingham, AL

01 Mom | 02 Mom | 03 Mom | 04 Mom | 05 Mom | 06 Mom |


  1. The first two images of your mom are absolutely arresting. This is such an important project you’ve begun, and you’re off to a really beautiful start!

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