Tuyet & Mike

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The session was around downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, which I absolutely adore.  And it doesn’t hurt that was at the end of December and was around 70 degrees.  If you ever have the chance visit Downtown St. Pete and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  So this isn’t quite an engagement session, so I will call it an in-Love session.  Hopefully that isn’t trademarked anywhere.  This is my lovely cousin, Tuyet, and her boyfriend, Mike.  I’ve been working on a personal project to get portraits of my family and close friends and publish in a book for myself.  This session was shot on film as most of my personal projects.  There was a bit of pressure on this session, since Tuyet has phenomenal taste and Mike is an artist.  Seriously, his work is amazing.  It’s not fair what he can do with a paint brush.

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